Sour Mezeethra cheese fried pastries

Cretan Cuisine

Made with a traditional-recipe frying pastry and Cretan sour Mezeethra cheese, a classic old snack, served ideally with honey sprinkled over it, causing palatal “bursts” of mild yet ingeniously combined flavours and culinary surprises.


Remove cover, defrost for about 10 minutes and deep fry in a frying pan or deep fryer for 3-4 minutes until light gold.

Deep freeze in -18 ºC for a year from date of production.


  • 12 x 500 grams packet/box


  • 5 x 1000 grams /box
    Items per kilo: ±55

Average Nutritional Value


Ανά /per 100gr

Ενεργειακή Αξία/ Energy

209 Kcal

Λιπαρές Ύλες/ Fat
Εκ των οποίων κορεσμένες
Of which saturates


2.6 gr

 Υδατάνθρακες /carbohydrates
Εκ των οποίων σάκχαρα/
Of which sugars


2 gr

Εδώδιμες Ίνες / Fibre

1.3 gr

Πρωτείνες / Protein

9.4 gr

Αλάτι /salt

0.70 gr