This company applies A FOOD SAFETY CERTIFIED SYSTEM. Licence No: 6965/31/12/08Cretan cuisine has long been endorsed as one of the healthiest and influential diets in the world: its firm foundations is none other than the unique extra virgin olive oil, the all-natural extract of the olive fruit. Literally every dish prepared in Crete is based on or includes extra virgin olive oil, be it cooking or frying or baking or roasting! Around this you will find the rest of the ingredients that make this diet, well… Cretan: wild herbs and greens, dairy, honey, vegetables, legumes, wine, everything this blessed land has to offer in abundance, with meat playing… second fiddle!

The Cretan Diet Culture


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the secret for good health and longevity that was observed in the island of Crete in the 20th century. An incomparable antioxidant with numerous other beneficial attributes that work as a shield against cardiovascular conditions. This is an all-natural extract vegetable fat that the inhabitants of Crete have been using for literally thousands of years.



Dairy Products

It is no wonder that Crete holds one of world’s records in dairy products consumption on a daily basis. Cretan cheeses like Kefalotyri, Graviera, sweet or sour Mezeethra, Athotyros, etc. are very rich in good quality calcium and protein of superb nutritional value. They also present a wide palette of distinct flavours, unique only to Cretan cheese which plays a most important, central role in the Cretan dishes and the dietary culture of the Cretans.




The mountains and plains of the island of Crete are abundant with wild herbs, many of which are endemic to Crete. Herbs are a most common and widely used ingredient in the daily dishes in Crete, either as a flavor supplement or the main “theme” of the dish. They give great flavor and aromas and also are good for you!



Wild Greens

The diet of the inhabitants of Crete includes more than 150 (!) kinds of wild greens of high organic and nutritional value. Hand-picked right where they grow, sometimes way up in high mountains and fertile plains by the Greek lady of the house who is an expert in preparing and combining them together to cook a delicious, aromatic, wholesome dish!




It is no surprise that the Cretan countryside flora abundant with aromatic herbs and endemic flowers would enhance locally produced honey with subtle aromas and fine flavours that have no match compared to mainland honey. Crete has a long tradition, one would say a “culture”, of honey-making, with recorded evidence way back in prehistory. Honey is an everyday element in the diet of every Cretan, accompanying Cretan cheeses such as Mezeethra and recipes that include dairy products. Also, it is widely used in traditional confectionery, combined with milk, dried nuts, cereals, etc.



“Meraklidika” and the Cretan Diet culture

Our commitment to the diet culture of Crete is evident in our carefully selected raw ingredients. The basis of almost all our recipes is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced partly in our olive groves. We also use dairy products and flours from few select certified producers and all sorts of seasonal greens from… well, the great Cretan outdoors!


Due to the seasonality of some of the foods we use (Mezeethra cheese, greens, courgette flowers (zucchini bush) which are stuffed with a mixture of rice and vegetables, etc.) we carefully plan our production so that these delicacies are available throughout the year. The next step, the actual production, is dictated by our tradition, the local cuisine: old recipes have found their place in a contemporary palette of foods that combine yester foods with current alimentary needs. They are available to everyone, from the comfort of our home to a hotel or a restaurant of your choice.